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  • Whats the difference between the Sand Free allay Towels and other sand free towels?

The main difference is that allay Towels have a dedicated to regenerating the Aussie bushland! As far as the towels go, we guarantee your going to be happy with the quality of our towels, and if not we will give you your money back! No questions asked!
  • Sand free towel?

    Sand Free towels are produced with a blend of fibers that are tightly knitted. These fibers are so tightly knitted that the sand free towels don't allow sand to get caught in or stuck in the towels, even when wet! This allows you to leave the sand at the beach and not at your home.

    • Eco Friendly?

    Yes! These sand free towels are eco friendly towels! Using roughly 20 PET plastic bottles in each. 

    • Where do you find your designs?

      All of our designs are developed through collaborations with Australian Designers and small Australian Businesses.

      • Where do you plant your trees?

      We plant Australian Native trees in the Australian bushland. Currently, each tree is being planted in the Australian bushland that was most devastated by the bushfires of 2019-20. These included areas like the South Coast of NSW, Kangaroo Island, and Victoria. 

      • How do you find the time to plant the trees?

      We have partnered with One Tree Planted who is a Not For Profit organisation that employees and partners with thousands of foundations, to plant millions of trees worldwide each year!