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Where Do We Plant Our Trees?

Wow! The allay Forest is really growing now! So far we are have planted 96 trees in total, in the Australian bushland! Im gob smacked!!

But, we still have a long way to go if we are going to reach 1000 trees planted by 2022.

The allay Forest, as you probably already know, plants native Australian trees in the Australian bushland for every item sold with hopes to contribute towards the recovery efforts to restore the Aussie bush after the devastating fires of 2019-20. But, how and where do we plant the trees? And, what kind of native trees are we planting? I thought I should shed some light on these questions below!

Where Do We Plant Our Trees?

As allay Towels have been inspired by the restoration efforts following the bushfires of 2019-20. It seems only fitting to concentrate our tree planting to the areas that have been most effected by the fires.

This is a huge area!
Encompassing the areas of the south coast of NSW, Victoria and Kangaroo Island, these spots were major sites of burning, totalling over 18 Million hectares. That's a similar area to the total area of Iceland or Ireland or 3x Tasmanias. 

What Trees Do We Plant?

Of course we plant trees that are native to the Australian bush and in particular its the trees that were lost in the bushfires. The trees that we plant are also apart of a broader project which aims to plant 1,000,000 trees in this region!!

Some of these trees include; Allocasuarina Verticillata, Eucalyptus Blakelyi, Eucalyptus Bridgesiana, Eucalyptus Mannifera, Eucalyptus Viminalis. 

How We Plant These Trees

In order to plant these trees, we have been lucky enough to partner with One Tree Planted and the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. These partners look after the funding and operations of the Bushland recovery projects.

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