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Sand Free Towels: Top 10 Best Uses

      allay Towels are so versatile! Here are some, perhaps, unexpected ways you can use your new towel! 
      From Our Sandy Shores To Yours!
  1. Sand Free Beach Experience

    These are sand free towels after all. allay Towels are most at home at the beach of course! Sun tanning or swimming, there will be no gritty uncomfortableness on this towel and certainly taking no sand home with you!

  2. Camping 

    Perfect for camping, quickly dry them hanging over a tree branch and forget having to carry home wet, soggy and sandy towels.

  3. Hiking 

    Perfectly suited to hiking. allay Towels are so compact and light weight they will never take up too much room in the back pack.

  4. Travelling

    Again space savers are always of great value when bag space is limited

  5. Sport/Gym Towel

    These towels are perfectly sized for the gym to cover entire work benches and are bacterial resistant. Perfect for the COVID era.

  6. Surfing

    These towels really are the ultimate surfing towels. Always dry and never smelly, make it the board bag towel or the surfing bucket towel

  7. Yoga

    Lovely feel under the points of connection. allay Towels are very comfortable and convenient for all your yoga flows.

  8. Young Families 

    Drying the kids off with these towels is pleasure. Not only does no sand stick to the towels, making for a comfortable dry off. But they do a good job of getting the sand off the kids too!

  9. Picnic Blanket 

    Of course sand free towels are going to make great picnic blankets. Especially when the large double towels become available!

  10. The Always Ready Towel 

    Whether it stays in the car or in the work bag, allay Towels are compact light weight and ready for anything. Packaged in a carry bag to keep thing neat and compact.

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