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The Golden Wattle Towel: Inspired by Australia (Excluding Sand)

our first design 

Introducing the first of our towel designs, the Golden Wattle towel. The Golden Wattle Beach towel is sand-free and was designed with inspiration from the Golden Wattle tree that is native to south-eastern Australia. This tree is iconic to the Australian Bushland, not only for its traditional use by the First Nations people, but also for its resilience and ability to withstand the Australian droughts, wind, and fires.

Golden Wattle Tree

It goes without saying that whilst pondering the initial design concept of the first towel in our range throughout the burning of the Australian Bushland in 2019-20, the Golden Wattle served plenty of inspiration. The working design notes of the Wattle Beach Towel imagined scenes of Golden Wattle trees in full flower against a perfectly blue Australian sky, and needed a design that was resiliently sustainable, and long-lasting; just like the Golden Wattle tree.

Sand Free towel with girl

The Features Of The Sand Free Golden Wattle Towel?

The Golden Wattle Towel is proving itself to be incredibly versatile design. And its probably no surprise that there is an abundance of features to achieve this versatility. These include the following:

Sand Repellant:

The Golden Wattle Towel is made from a microfibre cloth which includes recycled P.E.T Plastics. Being a microfibre means that the fibers are knitted extremely tight! So tight in fact, that there isn't even a crevasse or edge for a grain of sand to be caught on. This is incredible because no longer will you ever have to take sand from the beach, inevitably spreading it through the car, house, or beach bag. 


Being compact is the ability to take up little space, and our towel has this ability in spades. When spread out, the towel measures 160 x 80cm. But when not in use can be folded or rolled into a flat 15 x 10cm carry case. This is once again due to the incredible microfibre. As a bonus, the microfibre incorporates recycled P.E.T plastic, making this environmentally friendly beach towel even more sustainable. 


Our towels can absorb an immense amount of water. When compared to a conventional cotton beach towel the difference is incredible. But this comparison only really matter if you can combine the ability to be amazingly absorbent with the ability to be super quick drying.

Quick Drying:

In the comparison between the conventional cotton beach towel to the Sand Free Golden Wattle Towel, the gap keeps on getting bigger. Whilst the cotton towel is still a soggy sandy mess, our towel is drying off after the fourth swim of the day. It truly is amazing and opens up so much opportunity to enjoy Australia and its beaches to the fullest!

 Sand Free towel with boy

Basically to sum this up... You can buy your Golden Wattle Towels here
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