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How Do Sand Free Towels Work? And What Are They Made From?

I am convinced Sand Free Towels will change the way we enjoy the outdoors. They are extremely convenient, but also, a sustainable choice as well. This article will take a look at how allay Towels repel sand and keep you and your possessions sand free and smiling as well!

What Are Sand Free Towels Made From?

allay Towels are made from a microfibre consisting of three different fibres. These are Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET - what Coke bottles are made of) this is used to make Polyester, and Polyamide (Nylon). 

That is just a lot of scientific words there, but essentially these are the ingredients used to create the microfibre that is used in the towels. 

Now, these recycled, and raw materials are spun into thread.

Very, very fine thread.

And when weaved, the very very fine thread is packed very very tightly. 
This is very important...

How Do Sand Free Towels, Stay Sand Free?

Ok, so we know the very very fine thread is packed very very tightly.

So tight in fact that the sand granules don't even have a crevasse or an angle to get caught in. 

So when sand inevitably gets stuck on top of the towel, a simple flick will result in these sand granules flying off leaving you with a sand free towel!
Like water off a ducks back!

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